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If the Classroom Completion feature is enabled on your site, you will be able to view the current completion status for all the materials in your classrooms (Completed, In Progress, Not Successfully Completed, Not Shared). The course completion status block shows what you (as a learner) have to do to complete/finish the classroom. The classroom completion features works according to the specified criteria/rule and once you have completed all the materials as per the set criteria/rule, the classrooms will officially be marked as completed/finished.

This article will guide you on:

Viewing learning progress in a classroom

1. Click the classroom name in which you wish to view/monitor your learning progress.

2. Click the completion status label on the classroom cover image to view your learning progress in that classroom.

3. The completion status popup will open. On top, the classroom name will be mentioned along with the current completion status (Completed, In Progress, Not Successfully Completed, Not Shared). You will also be able to see the completion rule set for the classroom.

4. All the materials will be listed in their respective sections along with their completion status.

All the sections will be expanded by default. You can collapse them by using the sections' down arrows.

5. A donut chart will be present to show the data in a format that is much easier to interpret and read. The count for the total number of materials completed by you will be mentioned in the centre of the donut chart.

6. You can also hover over different statuses on the chart to view the count of material associated with that status.

7. In case you have completed a material and classroom completion status is shown as - "Not Successfully Completed", it means that the completion rule is set to obtain a minimum score of certain percentage in each assessment and your achieved score is less than the required score. You can hover over the assessment label to view the required score for completing the assessment. Once you achieve the required minimum score or above, the assessment will be considered as completed.

8. In some cases, you might not successfully complete a classroom even after completing all the assigned materials in that classroom. This can be because instructors can also set the minimum percentage score for each weighted assessment's final score. This means that your final score column in the gradebook should be greater than the minimum score set by the instructor for each weighted assessment. But due to this, there can be cases in which you successfully attempt an assessment but receives a lower percentage than required for the minimum final score in the weighted assessment. In this case, that assessment is considered as 'Completed', but the classroom will be considered as 'Not Successfully Completed'.

For this, warning flags (triangle icon with an exclamation mark) will be shown for the assessment(s) that are completed by you without achieving the minimum final score. This way, if a you have successfully completed all the materials in a classroom and still the classroom completion is not considered as completed, then you can easily make out the material due to which this is happening.

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