Badges (Instructors)

Gamification provides a unique way to engage users on a platform by adding elements that encourage engagement by rewarding user participation. Badges help achieve an even higher level of engagement & stimulate collaboration within teams and also motivate individuals to achieve more on the platform. Badges are awarded to both "Learners and Instructors" for their activities on the platform over time. Lets see how it  works for the instructor role.

Badges are given at a site-level, i.e, a user is awarded a badge on meeting the required criteria at the site level, such as creating 10 questions across all the classrooms will award the corresponding badge. The highest badge that the users are awarded, most recently, will also be reflected on the newsfeed posts that they have created.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing badges

1. Click the sliding menu and then click on the profile picture/name to access your profile page.

You can also access your profile page by clicking your profile picture at the top navigation bar and then clicking your profile picture/name.

2. Click the Badges tab.

3. On the Badges page, all the badges earned by you will be listed.

You can also view the three highest badges they have been awarded to you by clicking your profile image. A See All Badges button will also be present to navigate directly to the Badges tab on the profile page.

Types of badges

Instructors will be awarded the following badges on the basis of these activities:

  • Collaborator: Awarded to instructors for posting thoughts and questions (excluding draft/scheduled posts)
  • Participator: Awarded to instructors for posting comments and replies (including anonymous comments/replies)
  • Guide: Awarded to instructors for creating task/homework posts (excluding draft/scheduled homework posts)
  • Creative: Awarded to instructors for creating published lessons
  • Evaluator: Awarded to instructors for creating published assessments
Levels of achievements for badges

All the badges mentioned above will have five levels of achievements:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond

Bronze being the lowest level of achievement for a badge and Diamond being the highest. Instructors need to achieve a predefined count of an activity in order to move to a higher badge level.

To earn a bronze badge, 10 counts of an activity needs to be done. For example, instructors will be awarded a Bronze Collaborator badge when they have posted at least 10 thoughts / questions. Similarly, for posting 20, 30, 50, 100 posts, instructors will be awarded badges of Silver,Gold,Platinum and Diamond respectively.

Note: The aforementioned badges can be configured on request and can vary from site to site, for e.g. one of the badges can be disabled from our end if it is not required on your site.

Viewing your badges

2. All the badges earned by you will be listed on the Badges page.

3. A label will be shown on the badge to show the highest level of achievement gained by you for the badge. For example, in the following screenshot, the instructor has achieved DIAMOND level of achievement for Collaborator badge.

4. Clicking on a badge will open a detailed view. This view shows the badges earned by an instructor along with the dates on which they were awarded. Hovering over a badge will show the activity count required to earn the badge.

A circular progress bar and remaining activity count will indicate how close you are to achieve the next level for a badge.

Badges on newsfeed posts

The highest badge that instructors are awarded, most recently, will also be reflected on their newsfeed posts. This way, you can see each others badges and get motivated to engage more on the platform. The way this will work is that the highest badge an instructors have been awarded most recently, will be shown as a tag in front of his/her name on the posts created by them. You can also view this badge details for learners as well on the posts shared by them. Let's see how you can view badges on the newsfeed posts.

1. Scroll to the post shared by the user whose badge details you wish to see. The highest badge an instructor has been awarded most recently, will be shown as a tag in front of his/her name on the posts created by them.

The badge detail will be visible for posts on both the main (collated) newsfeed and the classroom newsfeed.

2. Click on the tag to open the list of the five highest badges that the instructor has been awarded.

3. Click See All to navigate to the Badges tab to view all the badges that the instructor has been awarded.

Notification for achieving badges

A notification will be sent out every time you earn a badge in order to motivate and keep you engaged on the platform. Tapping on the notification will take you to the Badges tab on your profile page.

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