Getting Started with the Teamie Gradebook for Teachers App (Android)

The Teamie Gradebook Android app allows you to access your gradebooks anytime, anywhere and on any Android device. Using the Teamie Android gradebook app, instructors can enter score, grade assessments and give rich feedback to learners. There are various options available for instructors including rubric Grading option.

Key Features:

  • Access your Classrooms Gradebook quickly
  • Detailed gradebook view with section wise assessments listing
  • Quickly filter assessments in the gradebook view
  • Review attempts of learners easily
  • Grade swiftly by using Rubrics
  • Add textual and audio feedback
  • Add evidence to offline test records smoothly

Let's see how you can download the Teamie Gradebook apps and start using them.

This article will guide you on:

Getting Teamie Android Gradebook App

You can download Teamie Android Gradebook app by tapping on the following link or by searching for "Teamie Gradebook for Teachers" on the Play Store:


Logging into the Teamie Gradebook Apps

There are two ways you can login into the Gradebook App:

a. Login by entering your username and password

2. In order to login by using your username and password, you would be required to enter your account's username and password as shown below. Alternatively, you can also enter your Email registered on the platform in case you are not aware of your username.

3. Enter your Account username and password.

4. Tap Log in to login to Teamie gradebook.

5. You will be logged in to the Teamie Gradebook app. Access the required classroom and grade learners' submissions on the go!

b. Login in with your Google account

Note: This option is available only if your institute / organisation has Google Apps enabled.

2. Tap Login with your Google account.

3. This will bring up the Google login page. List of all the accounts that you are using on your default browser will come up. Tap the account linked with Teamie.

Note 1: In case you are logged in to your browser with account(s) that are not registered to Teamie, go to your default browser and login with your registered email and repeat the above steps. You can also tap “Use another account” button and add your Google account registered with Teamie by entering your Teamie associated email address and then tap Next. Then enter password of your Gmail account as shown in below set of screenshots. Your Teamie account will be added on your phone.

Note 2: In case you select your personal email id or any other email id which is not associated with Teamie, you will get an error message. Select the correct email id and proceed again.

4. Enter the password of your account and tap Next.

Note: In case you are already signed in with Teamie associated account on your mobile's default browser, this screen will not appear and you would be taken directly to the account authentication screen as shown in the next step.

5. Tap I Agree to authorise your account.

Note: This authorization process is a one-time process that needs to be done when you login to the Teamie gradebook app for the first time. You would not have to repeat this step each time you login to the Teamie gradebook app.

6. The login process will initiate.

7. You will be logged in to the Teamie gradebook app.

Logging out of the Teamie Gradebook App

1. Tap the profile icon at the top right of your screen and tap Logout.

2. You will be logged out and taken to the welcome screen.

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