Grading Online Quizzes from Teamie Gradebook for Teachers App (iOS)

Currently, you can only view the scores assigned for an online quiz from the Teamie Gradebook App. You cannot edit scores, view submissions made by a learner or add feedback to learners’ submission through Teamie Gradebook App. We will be enhancing the app to add these options soon.

This article will guide you on:

Viewing online quiz scores from Teamie Gradebook (iOS) App

1. Access the required classroom's gradebook.

2. You will be able to view the scores assigned to learners for an online quiz in the column below.

If submission is made by a learner for the quiz but you have not yet reviewed the quiz, then a pending review icon will be shown for that learner.

3. If no submission is made by a learner for the quiz, then the cell will be left blank for that learner. Tapping on the blank cell will show you the appropriate message.

4. Currently, you cannot edit learners' score for an online quiz. Tapping on score for a learner will show you the appropriate message.

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