Viewing mastery progression for SBGR objectives

As a learner you can view your mastery progression for objective mapped to a classroom / module as per SBGR system (Standards Based Grading and Reporting). Click here to know more about the concept of SBGR.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing Mastery View in a classroom

1. On the homepage, hover over the required classroom's card and click Gradebook.

If you are on a classroom's Posts/Materials tab, then you can click the Gradebook tab to access the classroom's gradebook.

3. On the Gradebook page, click the Mastery View tab to access the mastery view of a classroom.

4. The mastery view of the classroom will open and you would be able to see the SBGR (standards based grading and reporting) objectives mapped for that classroom along with the information on an objective's card view about the assigned mastery level and assessment submission status for the classroom / module.

Viewing your mastery progression

1. Filter the objectives that are aligned to published assessment(s) by selecting Aligned from the Alignment Status drop down list. Click here to know more about effectively filtering objectives.

2. All the objectives aligned to published assessments will appear. On an objective card view, you will be able to see if mastery level is assigned for that objective. You can also see if you have submitted assessments for the objective.

3. Click anywhere to expand the objective for more details. Scroll down to find objectives for which mastery has been assigned. You will be able to see the mastery progression for the objective.

4. The Automated Mastery flag shows the mastery level assigned for that objective.

5. The objective's expanded view will show you the submitted assessments for that objective. You can view your attempts for the submitted assessments by clicking the View Attempt link.

6. Click the Mastery Progression tab to see the assigned mastery progression for the objective along with any feedback given for each mastery, if any, by your instructor.

7. Click "Click to see calculation" icon to see the mastery calculation.

Overview for assigned mastery

2. Hover over the donut chart next to your name for overview of mastery assigned for all the objectives mapped to the classroom. This donut chart overview will show you the number of objectives in which you have gained emerging, developing and proficient mastery. It will also show the number of objectives in which mastery is not yet assigned to you.

For this documentation, a three point scale is used as Proficient, Developing and Emerging with green, yellow and red color respectively. The number of scales, their naming and color scheme may vary client to client as per their set SBGR configuration.

3. If the mastery scores can potentially change in the future once some assessments are graded, then it will be highlighted as with the Special mastery flag, filled with slanting lines as shown in the following screenshot.

4. Once the automated mastery has run successfully, the special mastery will be replaced by the assigned mastery level.

Strand Summary View (Learners)

Strand summary view tab is a sub-tab under a classroom gradebook that shows your scores for all SBGR objectives in the classroom. Only objectives that apply in the classroom will be shown. 'Strand' is the top most objective level, and will be white-labelled and will be ordered the same as with the Mastery view.

As the term will be white-labeled, it may vary site to site. For instance, it may be called the 'Standard Mastery' view if the top most objective level is named 'Standard' on your Teamie site. In case of this documentation, we will be using the term 'Strand' for the top most objective level and use the term 'Summary View' for the strand summary view.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing Strand Summary View

1. Hover over the required classroom card and click the Gradebook tab.

2. In case the Summary view is set as the default gradebook tab on your Teamie site, then you will be taken to the summary view, else you will be taken the set gradebook view and you can click the Summary view tab to access it.

The Strand summary view will have the information on your performance by Strand and shows the assessments that are aligned with Standards that belong to a Strand. The assessments listed inside a Strand will be sorted based on due date of the assessment. As per your Teamie site configuration, they might be shown in chronological order or reverse chronological order in the Strand View.

3. The first Strand will be expanded by default and will list the assessments that are aligned with Standards that belong to a Strand. Hover over an assignment to view its fullname, due date and summative/formative nature.

4. Similarly, you can hover over the mastery score of an assignment to view its details, such as score (if any) and name of the aligned standard.

5. In case the Strand Mastery Summary feature is enabled on your Teamie site, you will be able to view the summary of all the mastery scores for all the strands. Clicking on a mastery score of a strand will highlight and expand the section for that strand showing the compact view of assessments that are aligned with standards that belong to that Strand.

Filtering Strand Summary View

You will be able to filter the strand summary view using the following options:

  • Sections - Able to multi-select multiple sections, and based on the filter, the assessments will be shown in the view
  • Type - filter type of assessments (online quiz, assignment, offline test, discussion)
  • Summative/Formative - Default to summative. As per the configuration set on your Teamie site, this option may or may not be available for you to filter the summative/formative assessments and only the summative assessments may be shown to you

Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously. For example Section 1 + Section 2 & Offline test.

You can also click the full screen button to view the strand summary view in full screen.

Checking Mastery for a Strand

You will be able to view the Strand Mastery values at each Strand header. This is a site level configuration and may vary from site to site. The strand header will show the mastery progression for that strand similar to how it is shown in the classroom's Mastery View.

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