Enabling SBGR on your Teamie site

As an administrator, you can enable the SBGR feature from the Manage Optional Features page. Let's see how.

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Enabling SBGR on your Teamie site

1. Click the Sliding menu.

2. Under Manage Teamie section, click Manage Optional Features.

3. On the "Enable standards based grading" card, click Enable.

4. A confirmation prompt appears, click I understand, Enable to enable SBGR on your Teamie site. Click Cancel in case you changed your mind.

5. SBGR will be enabled on your Teamie site and users will be able to see a "Mastery View" tab in the gradebook of the classrooms in which you have set up SBGR.

Disabling SBGR on your Teamie site

Once enabled, SBGR cannot be disabled at user-end. Contact us at in case you wish to disable SBGR from your Teamie site.

Setting up SBGR in a classroom / module

Once SBGR is enabled on a Teamie site, then you can enable it in a classroom. Enabling SBGR means mapping the predefined objectives to the classroom for the purpose of grading. Each classroom will have the "Grade" and "Subject" meta fields through which the objectives will be mapped to the classrooms.

These objectives are part of the curriculum which are imported from our (Teamie's) end as per the client requirement. Once imported, the objectives can be mapped to the classrooms' assessments.

If a fresh set of objectives are imported, then it will be assigned a new version and will not affect the older objectives that could already have been mapped to some assessments. As highlighted before, the importing process, including the version control, will be done from our end. You can contact us at for further information on the objectives import process.

Let us see how the objectives are assigned for a classroom:

1. Click the sliding menu.

2. Under Manage Teamie section, click Classrooms and then select Manage Classrooms from the expanded list.

Classroom is another term (white-labelled) used for a Modules/Program/Groups/Batches. These terms are set up as per your site set up configuration and varies from client to client.

3. On the "Manage Classrooms & Groups" page, search for the required classroom using the filters.

4. Once you have filtered the classroom, click Edit from the Edit column to navigate to the "Edit Classroom" page.

You can also navigate to the "Edit Classroom" page from a classroom's landing page. Click the ellipses(...) and then select Edit classroom settings from the drop-down list.

5. On the "Edit Classroom" page, scroll down to find the grade and subject field.

6. Click the drop-down menu and select the required grade and subject. The chosen grade and subject will determine the set of objectives associated with the classroom which can be mapped to the assessments for standards based grading and reporting. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

If a new set of objectives are imported and the version is changed as per the new objectives, then the classroom will start using the new version of objectives. Regardless of the new imports, there will not be any impact on the older assignments already mapped to the previous version of the objectives.

7. Users will now be able to see a "Mastery View" tab in the gradebook of this classroom and instructors will be able to assign (map) objectives to assessments.

There is an option available at the site-level that allow users to land on the Mastery View of the gradebook, instead of the gradebook scores tab when they access the Gradebook of that classroom from any of the following places:

  1. Classroom card on the home page
  2. Classroom sidebar tabs
  3. Classroom Gradebook link in users' profile

In case you wish to enable this option, kindly write to us at!

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