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As a client you can use Okta for SSO on Teamie. You can find the Teamie app in the Okta app catalog, configure the SSO as per your requirement and provide access to your users to login to Teamie by leveraging Teamie's integration with Okta.

This article will guide you on:

Configuring Teamie SSO on Okta

1. Login to your Okta account as administrator.

2. Click Admin on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Hover on the Developer Console and click on Classic UI from the dropdown menu.

4. Under Classic UI admin console, click Applications.

5. Click Add Application.

6. Click the Education category.

7. Click T to filter the apps from education category.

8. Click the Add button corresponding to Teamie.

9. The General Settings page will open. Enter the Application label details. This is the label which will be displayed on the Okta home page.

10. Enter the required Base URL. Then click Done.

This base URL will be the teamie URL for your institute or organization.

11. Click Sign On.

12. Click Edit.

13. Enter the Metadata name.and then click Save.

Metadata name will be provided by Teamie Support Team.

14. Click Assignments.

15. On the Assignments tab, you can add “People” / “Groups” who can access Teamie app under your Okta domain. Click Assign.

16. Click Assign to People.

17. Click Assign corresponding to the user(s) to give them access to Teamie via Okta SSO.

18. Click Save and Go Back.

19. The user will be assigned to login to Teamie via Okta SSO.

20. Similarly, you can assign more users.

21. Click Assign and select Assign to groups to give groups in your organisation access to Teamie via Okta SSO.

22. Click Assign for the required group(s). Then click Done.

23. The group(s) will be granted access.

24. Click to access the Sign On tab.

25. On the Sign On tab, click View Setup Instructions.

26. On the set up instructions page, copy the Metadata file link and paste it to your browser. Then press enter to open the link. Save the contents of the link in a file and pass it to Teamie Support Team [].

Details to share with Teamie for completing the Teamie-Okta SSO configuration process

From the “Sign On” tab, identity provider metadata needs to be passed on to Teamie Support Team []. See steps 25 and 26 of Configuring Teamie SSO on Okta.

Login to Teamie via Okta SSO

Once the Teamie support team has configured SSO from our end, users can start using the Teamie app from Okta and they’ll be logged on to Teamie.

1. You can access Okta domain as a user and access Teamie from the apps. 

2. You can also access Teamie from the site URL and click on Login with Okta to login to Teamie using the Okta SSO.

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