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Configuring Default Tab for all Classrooms/Social Groups

1. If required, tabs other than the default Posts tab (such as the Materials tab) can be set as the default tab for all the classrooms on your site. Typically, the Posts tab is set as the default tab for all the classrooms at the site level.

2. You can choose to skip going to the Posts tab first and navigate directly to the Materials page / About page / Calendar of all the classrooms. This setting is configurable at the site-level to set which tab (Post/Materials/Calendar/About) the users should be redirected once they click on their classrooms. For sites where there are multiple group types (ex. Classrooms and Social Groups), we can configure the default tab differently for each type.

If you wish to change the default tab to Materials page / About page / Calendar for your site, Kindly write to us.

Classroom/Social Group Tab Configuration

1. You can choose which tab(s) should be listed in the classrooms / social groups on your Teamie site from the following tabs:

  • Posts
  • Materials
  • Sessions
  • OneNote
  • Stories
  • Dashboard
  • Gradebook
  • Meetings
  • Messages
  • People
  • Leaderboard
  • Teams
  • Calendar
  • Attendance
  • About
  • You can choose different tabs for different classroom types. For example, different tabs for classrooms and social groups can be configured on your Teamie site.
  • By default, all the sidebar tabs are configured as per your site's initial implementation process.
  • Take note that the tabs will be visible to the users based on the access they have. For example, when the Dashboard tab is enabled, only users with access to view the dashboard (administrators and instructors) will be able to see it and not learners.

2. This is an internal setting that can be configured on request from our end. So, kindly write to us in case you wish to change the existing configuration for classroom/social group tabs.

Classroom Specific Default Tab Configuration

In addition to setting the default classrooms tab at the site-level, this setting can be done at the classroom level as well. This means that users with necessary permissions (typically administrators and instructors) can choose to direct users to different tabs (Post/Materials/Calendar/About) for different classrooms, at their own discretion.

1. Click the required classroom card.

2. You will land on the default tab as set on the site-level. In the following case, the default tab set at the site level is the Materials tab.

3. Click the classroom settings (gear) icon on the classroom cover image.

4. Select Set default tab.

5. The available options (Post/Materials/Calendar/About) will be shown to select as the default tab of that classroom. The configuration that is set as the default tab for classrooms at site level will also be mentioned in parenthesis adjacent to the corresponding tab. Select the required tab to be set as the default and the click the Set default tab button. In the following scenario, we are changing the default from Materials (site default) to Posts for the classroom.

6. The selected Posts tab will be set as the default tab for that classroom. Now, all the users will be directed to this tab when they access the classroom.

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