Student Projects (Learners)

Student Projects is a student-led assessment activity. The student defines what the project or assessment is, sets their own due date, and builds a rubric to define how they will assess the project. While creating the rubric, students can also pick from the learning objectives/standards from the curriculum, and use the Student Project to demonstrate their mastery on those learning objectives/standards.

Then, the instructor(s) in that classroom can view and edit the Student Project, if required, before publishing it for the learner to attempt. Once the learner submit the attempt, instructors can then grade it.

The term 'Student Projects' is a whitelabelled term and can vary from site to site as per clients' requirement. For example, the terms 'Projects' or 'Student Assessments' can be configured on your site instead of the term 'Student Projects'.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing Projects tab in a classroom

1. Hover over the classroom in which 'Student Projects' is enabled and click Materials.

2. On the Materials page, click the Student Projects tab.

3. You will land on the Student Projects tab of the classroom. As a learner, you can create your Student Projects here.

Creating a new Student Project

2. Hover and click the + Add button.

3. Then, select Add Student Project.

4. Enter the required Student Project title.

5. Then, click Add Student Project or press the enter key on the keyboard.

6. The Student Project will be created and its expanded view will open.

7. Enter the required instructions for the Student Project. You can also upload file attachments to your Student Project by clicking the Upload button and browsing the required files from your system.

8. You can add the Due date for the Student Project as per your requirement after which you will not be able to attempt the Student Project. This is an optional field and if left empty will make the Student Project available indefinitely for the learner to take.

9. Click to expand the Grading and Rubrics setting and then click Assign rubric/objective to attach a rubric to the Student Project.

10. If you have already created any rubric for Student Projects, it will be available for you to select. Else, you can create a new rubric by clicking + Create new rubric.

11. Enter the title for your rubric along with its description (optional). Then, click + Add new criterion / Pick an objective to add a new criterion or pick from the pre-mapped objectives. Click here to know more about how to create a rubric and its criteria.

12. Once you have create the rubric, click Attach to attach it to the Student Project.

If required, you can click the X to remove the rubric from the Student Project or click Change to change the rubric with another rubric.

Attempting a Student Project

1. On the Student Projects tab, click Start for the required Student Project.

2. The Student Project attempt page open. Click + Add Attachment to add the file attachments to your Student Project.

3. Select the required file(s) from your system and click Open to add it to your attempt.

4. The attachment will be added to your attempt shortly.

If you add more than one file, then you can access them in the form of different tabs.

Adding Feedback/Comments to your Attempt

You can add feedback in the form of textual comments and audio recordings for your instructor to see.

Learners and instructors can also comment on the attempt while it is in draft state. This allows them to have an ongoing discussion for clarifying doubts or making improvements before submitting the attempt.

1. Enter textual comment and click Submit to submit your comment.

A bulletin board notification will be sent to your instructor, once you add any comments to your attempt.

2. Click the trash icon in order to remove your comments.

3. You can also record audio and add it your attempts by clicking the mic icon and recording your audio. Then, click Stop once you are done recording.

4. Click Submit to submit the recording.

Any comments added by your instructor and made visible to you will also show up in the attempt feedback section. You will also get a notification when your instructor comments on your attempt.

5. You can also annotate your file submissions by using the annotation tools in the doc viewer.

Submitting your Attempt for Evaluation

1. Once you have attempted the Student Project, click Submit for evaluation for submitting your work to your instructor for evaluation.

2. Click Yes, submit to confirm your action.

3. The attempt will be submitted for evaluation. Your instructor will get a notification that you have made a submission to your Student Project. You can also click View My Attempts to view the attempts that you have submitted for evaluation for that Student Project.

Viewing Student Project's Scores

1. You can view your Student Projects scores and feedback in your classroom's gradebook. Hover over the classroom and click Gradebook.

2. All Student Projects will be grouped together in the section titled Student Projects

3. As 'Student Projects' is an addition in our personalised learning approach, you can also tick the Personalised Only checkbox to quickly filter all the Student Projects created in the classroom (along with any other personalised assessments).

Student Projects are also considered as personalised assessments similar to any other assessment that is shared with a specific team or learner. Click here to know more about personalised learning.

4. You can also view your published scores from the Student Projects tab.

If a rubric with SBGR objectives is attached with the Student Project, then the objectives' scores will go in to the mastery view (once the Student Project is graded).

Deleting a Student Project

You can only delete a Student Project when it is in draft mode. Once an instructor publishes the Student Project, you cannot delete it.

1. On the Student Projects tab, click to expand the Student Project.

2. Click the settings cog wheel and then select Delete Student Project.

3. Click Yes, Delete to confirm. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone.

4. The Student Project will be deleted.

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