Enabling 'Student Projects' in a Classroom

As an administrator, you can enable the Student Projects feature in any classroom on your site. Once enabled, learners will be able to create Student Projects in those classrooms.

The Personalised learning feature should be enabled on your site before you enable 'Student Projects' in a classroom.

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Enabling 'Student Projects' in a Classroom

1. Under Manage Teamie section, click to expand 'Classrooms' and then select Manage Classrooms.

2. On the Manage Classrooms & Groups page, search the required classroom in which you wish to enable the 'Student Projects' feature.

3. Click Edit to access the classroom edit page.

You can also access the classroom edit page by clicking the ellipsis on the classroom cover image and then select Edit classroom settings.

4. Scroll at the bottom of the classroom edit page and tick the Enable student project checkbox.

5. Then, click Save.

6. The 'Student Projects' feature will be enabled in the classroom. Learner will now be able to see a new tab - Student Projects where they can create the Student Projects for that classroom.

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