Creating Calendar Events in Bulk for Multiple Classrooms

As an administrator, you can create calendar events in bulk for multiple classrooms in a single go at the site level.

Creating Calendar Events in Bulk for Multiple Classrooms

1. Click the sidebar and then click Import Calendar Events under Manage Teamie section.

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2. On Import Calendar Events page, click Download Template and open the downloaded template.

Kindly note that the From Date and To Date columns will be considered to be in the your site's timezone. For example, "Europe/London" or "Asia/Kolkata" etc.

3. Fill the following details pertaining to the calendar event creation:

  • Group Unique Code
  • Title
  • From date and time (The date and time format recommended for the event creation is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM)
  • To date and time (The date and time format recommended for the event creation is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM)
  • Description
  • Enable video conference drop down will also be present in the bulk import excel sheet in case the video conference integration is configured for the site (Google Hangouts Meet and/or Zoom).

Each row of the excel import will create a single event. If the same event is to be created in multiple classrooms, then a new row will be required for each calendar event with all the same details of the event except the group unique code (which will be different as per the corresponding classrooms) for adding the same calendar event to multiple classrooms.

Microsoft Excel

4. Save the excel sheet and click Choose File and select it from your system.

5. Click Import The Data Set.

6. The import process will begin.

7. Once the import process is successfully completed, the high level summary of the import process will be shown on the Import Calendar Events page. You will be informed about the number of events that were successfully created or were not created due to some invalid data.

8. An email will also be sent to your registered email ID with the High level summary and an excel sheet will be attached to it. The sheet will have the import summary along with a Status column that indicates the status of each calendar event; whether or not the event(s) were created successfully or if there was some error(s).

An additional Details column will also be present which will show the details of any error(s) (Missing title, Invalid from date etc), if any, or the information about successful addition of the calendar events.

Calendar events Import Status: 06-Jun-2021 04:07 - - Teamie Pte Ltd Mail

9. The successfully created calendar events will now be shown in the required calendars of the corresponding classrooms/modules. For example, in the following example, 3 unique calendar events each were created  in two classrooms using the aforementioned bulk import sheet.

Similar to instructors, you can also import calendar events in bulk at an individual classroom level from the classroom's calendar page.

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