Taking a Survey

When an instructor publishes a survey in your classroom, you will be notified and you can take the survey.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing a Survey

All the published survey created in a classroom/module will be shown on its Materials page.

1. Hover over the required classroom and click Materials.

You can also click the survey notification (bulletin board / email) to access the survey directly.

2. Published survey(s) will be present on the Materials page for you to attempt.

Each published survey will also have a todo associated with it, if it has a deadline. This ToDo will be considered as completed when the user submits the response. Clicking on the todo will redirect you to the survey expanded view

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Attempting a Survey

2. Click Start for the required survey.

You can also click to expand the survey and view its instructions and then click on Start from the expanded view.

3. On the survey page, click Survey Instructions to view the instructions added by your instructor.

4. A survey can have three types of questions (Single/Multiple choice, Scale Type, Short Answer) added over a single or multiple pages. Read the questions and add your responses accordingly. You can click the X button to save the survey and continue later (take note that in case a deadline is present for a survey, you need to complete it before that).

5. You can attempt the survey questions on a page and then navigate to the next page of a survey, if available, from the Next Page button at the bottom right of the screen.

6. In case, a question is marked as an optional question, then you can choose not to attempt that question as per your requirement.

7. Click Submit to submit your survey responses. The Submit button will only be available when you attempt all the mandatory questions in the survey.

8. A confirmation message appears to inform you that the survey has been submitted successfully.

9. You can view the responses that you have submitted for the survey from its collapsed or expanded view.

You cannot attempt a survey more than once.

10. Once you submit a survey successfully, it will be considered as completed and shown with a green tick mark on the materials page.

The survey taking activity will be logged in your Recent activities.

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