Teamie - BigBlueButton Integration (Learners)

With Teamie - BigBlueButton integration, you can join online video conferences/meetings from your Teamie classrooms.  A calendar event will be created with the link to the conference for joining it. You will also get notification for the BigBlueButton calendar event.

This article will guide you on:

Joining BigBlueButton Conference from Teamie

1. Once a calendar event with BigBlueButton is created, you will receive a notification (bulletin board and / or email) for the calendar event creation, as per your notification preference.

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2. Once the calendar event or the notification is clicked, the event pop-up will open up. The calendar event will have the BigBlueButton conference details. Click the here link to join the video conference.

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3. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the BigBlueButton conference page where you can attend the meeting.

4. Once you join the conference, you will be able to see the participants in the conference and any chat conversations going on among them.

5. You can also join the conference from the mobile phones via the calendar event notification sent to you on the Teamie apps.

You can also access the calendar event from your Calendar.

Teamie - Google Meet Conference Integration (Learners)

6. Once you tap on the required calendar event notification/event, you will be taken BigBlueButton calendar event full view which will have the link to join the conference. Tap the here link to join the BigBlueButton video conference.

Teamie - Google Meet Conference Integration (Learners)
Teamie - Google Meet Conference Integration (Learners)

7. Once the meeting is ended, the meeting link will expire for all users on Teamie.

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If any recording was done during the BigBlueButton video conference, it will also get attached to the BigBlueButton conference calendar event for all the users of the classroom/module. You can click it to access the recording.

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