Viewing Offline Test Records

As a learner, you can view the offline test's record to access the instructors' feedback and comments via the Teamie Android app. Let's see how you can do this.

This article will guide you on how to:

View Offline Test Records

1. Click the MODULES tab to access the modules that you are part of.

2. Click the required module.

3. Click the MATERIALS tab to access the module's materials.

If the default tab of the module is set to Materials, then you will directly land on the materials page of that module.

4. Expand the section in which the required offline test is located.

5. Once the section is expanded, locate the required offline test. You can also click ALL ASSESSMENTS to filter all the assessments in the module.

6. Click VIEW RECORD of the required offline test to access the record view.

You can click the offline test card to access its landing screen and view its instructions, grading settings and other details or click the VIEW RECORD button to access your record.

7. The record view will have the following components:

a. A navigation bar with the Offline test title. The main content area will show all the attachment(s) added by the instructor as evidence for the offline test. Each evidence, if any, will be shown in a sub-tab of its own.

b. The published score and any attached rubric with the graded scales will also be shown to you.

You can also click the information icon to view the rubric scales' description.

c. The total count of the comments added on the record view. The list of all the feedback comments shared by the instructor will be shown along with your comments.

8. As a learner, you can add new comments from the Comments screen in the form of text, audio recording, and/or both. To add textual comment, just type in the required text.

9. In order to record an audio comment, tap the mic icon to open the recording pop-up screen.

10. Tap the mic icon to start the recording.

11. Once you are done with recording your audio, tap the mic icon again to stop the recording. You can playback the audio and remove it, if required.

12. Click the send icon to add the comment.

13. The total comment count will increase accordingly.

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