Grading Assignment Submissions

Instructors can grade the assignment submissions using the Teamie iOS App. As an instructor, you can also use the Apple pencil to annotate and grade assignment submissions on their iPads while using theTeamie iOS app. Furthermore, you can also grade assignments offline using the Teamie iOS app.

Let see how you can grade assignment submissions using the Apple pencil.

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Grading Assignments Offline using Teamie iOS App

Offline assignment grading is a process in which the learners assignments are graded while not being connected to the internet. This can be done by using theTeamie iOS app, where instructors will be able to download assignment submissions, grade them offline, and then the corresponding scores, annotations and feedback will be synced once they are connected to the internet again. This provides additional flexibility to instructors for choosing to make assignments available in offline mode and then grade them at their own convenience without the necessity of an internet connection.

For instance, an instructor can just make some assignments, with submissions that are pending review, available offline and then catch a flight and just grade all the assignments using the app with the device being in airplane mode the whole time.

Using the Teamie iOS app, you can:

Making Assignments Available for Offline Grading

1. On the Materials page, access the submissions screen of the required assignment.

2. Tap the Make Offline available toggle at the top right of the assignment submissions screen.

3. Tapping the toggle will start the syncing process in the background. The assignment's attempts will be available for grading.

Grading Assignments Offline

1. Once the sync process is complete, all the attempts for that assignment will be downloaded and made available for offline grading. A time stamp will be displayed with the details of the last time the sync process was completed.

You can access the list of all the assignments that you have made available offline by heading to the More screen and tapping the Offline Grading setting.

2. When you open the Teamie iOS app in the offline mode (not connected to the internet), then you will be taken to the offline landing screen with a prompt that You're Offline. Tap the Grade Assignments Offline button at the bottom of the screen to access the list of assignments that are available to grade offline, listed in alphabetical order.

3. The assignment(s) card will show the information in line with what is shown for the assignments in the online mode, such as the assignment details and the number of attempts made and graded for the assignment.

The classroom title will also be shown on the assignment card in the offline view. Therefore, if the user has downloaded the same assignment in multiple classrooms, multiple assignment cards will be listed on the offline screen with the same assignment title, but different classroom subtitles.

4. Tap the assignment card to navigate to the Submissions screen.

5. On the Submissions screen, all the attempts made by the learners at the time of the last sync will be available for grading. The last synced time will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

6. You can also view the completion stats (number of learners who have completed, not started or in progress) on the Submissions page and filter the attempts using the different set of available filters.

7. Tap View Attempt of the required learner.

8. You can then view the attempt(s) of the required learner and grade them using the available grading options (score/rubric/grade scheme).

9. In case a PDF or an image file is attached to an attempt, you can use the Apple pencil to annotate and grade assignment submission. Click here to learn more.

10. Once you are done annotating the submission, click Done. You will be directed to the attempt page where the annotations will be synced.

11. In addition to the grading, you can also add textual and/or audio feedback for the learners attempt in the offline mode.

12. In case multiple attempts have been submitted by a learner, you can switch between different attempts, consider any one of them for grading and complete the grading process seamlessly while being in the offline mode.

Syncing Offline Graded Assignments

1. Once you reconnect to the internet, you will be navigated to the home page. All the grading activities done during the offline mode will be automatically synced in the background. The following data will be synced once the device reconnects to the internet:

  • Scores, grades ( along with the rubric scores, if any)
  • Files that are annotated
  • Comments that are added to the submissions

Furthermore, each time you access the Submissions page of an assignment, that has been made offline, your progress will be synced.

2. As an instructor, while you are checking an attempt online and at the same time the learner makes another attempt for the assignment, tap the Attempt button to sync the new attempts.

3. Once you tap the Attempt button, you will be shown the Sync now button. Tapping it will start the sync process.

4. Once the new attempt is synced, you will be prompted to switch to the new attempt.

Force Sync

Sometimes, an attachment might fail to render while grading in offline mode. This might be due to the fact that while the assignment was being synced and made offline, the internet connection was disrupted or the network failed. In such a scenario, you can use the force sync option.

1.  When an attachment fails to render in offline mode, the following error message will be displayed:

2. You can then reconnect to the internet and re-sync your attachment. To re-sync, tap the Force sync button and then tap Force download failed attempt. The unavailable attachments will then be downloaded for you to grade offline.

3. Similarly, if the Apple pencil annotations made during the offline grading fails to sync automatically when the internet is restored, then you can re-sync them by tapping the Force sync pencil annotations to web option.

In case you have made some assignments available for offline grading and you attempt to logout of the Teamie iOS app, you will be prompted that all your assignments attempts downloaded for grading will be deleted on logging out. You can make them available offline the next time you login using the aforementioned workflows.

Grading Assignment Submissions using Apple Pencil

Instructors can use the Apple pencil to annotate and grade assignment submissions on their iPads while using theTeamie iOS app. As an Apple pencil user, you may already be familiar with its ability to annotate photos, screenshots, and PDFs, sketch ideas, write notes, and more using built-in drawing tools. This functionality can now be leveraged while grading using the Teamie iOS app on iPads.

1. Click View Attempt of the required assignment to view the attempts made by the learners.

2. The Submissions screen opens. On this screen, you will be able to view the learners' attempts for the assignment. Click View Attempt to view the attempt of the corresponding learner.

3. All the files uploaded by the learner for the attempt will be shown on the attempts screen. You can click any file to view it.

4. In case a PDF or an image file is attached to an attempt, tap the Edit with Pencil icon to directly open the image/PDF for annotation.

Web annotation(s) will be lost and will not be shown if the document is annotated using the Apple pencil.

5. Tap the pencil icon to open the Canvas screen.

6. You can then annotate the image/PDF using a variety of features shown at the bottom of the Canvas screen, such as selecting a different pencil style, highlighting the objects on the screen as well as changing the color from the given color palette, etc. Once you are done annotating the submission, tap Done. You will be directed to the attempt page where the annotations will be synced.

7. Once you tap click Done, you will be directed to the attempt page where the annotations will be synced.

8. Once synced, you will be able to see the Apple pencil annotations, by default.

9. In case the learner has uploaded other types of documents, such as Word, Excel etc, then tap the Edit with Pencil button to first convert the file into a new PDF file. For example, in the following screenshot we are using a .docx file for reference.

10. Once the file is converted to a PDF file, you will be able to annotate the file using the Apple pencil as aforementioned by adding text, graphics annotations etc.

In case an original file was already annotated via the web document viewer, then those annotations will be lost if you decide to edit the file using the Apple pencil via the Teamie iOS app. Similarly, if a file has been annotated with the Apple pencil, it cannot be annotated on the web using web document viewer. The document viewer will continue to display the file, but it will not have annotations enabled.

The newly converted PDF file is a separate version of the original file. You can tap the View and edit online button to switch to the original file. A separate version is created for all the files that are annotated using the Apple pencil in order to prevent any conflict from the original file. Thus, allowing the originally uploaded file to be independently annotated via the web document viewer.

11. Tap Done once you are done annotating.

12. Then, grade the attempt as per the available settings (score/rubric/grade scheme). In the following example, a scoring rubric is attached to the assignment. So, tap the rubric icon to grade the rubric.

13. Tap Grade using rubric and then select the required rubric scales to grade the submission.

14. Tap Done on the attempt screen to go back to the assignment's Submissions page, which will show the updated score and grade for the learner.

Viewing Apple Pencil Annotations

1. As an instructor, you can navigate to the learner's submission and can see the Apple pencil annotations, by default.

You may tap on the View and edit online button to switch back to the default document view.

2. In case no Apple pencil annotations have been added to the file, you will be notified about that via a prompt.

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