Notification Preferences

Instructor will receive notifications for certain activities in their classrooms on Teamie.  Instructors can customize the default notifications settings as per their choice/requirements from the Notification Preferences area. Teamie provides the following notifications options:

  • Email (email notifications)
  • Mobile Device (push notifications in mobile apps)
  • Web (bulletin board notifications in web browser)

Let's see how quickly you can customize the notification preferences via app.

1. Tap More menu on the home screen.

2. Scroll down the More screen and then tap Notification Preferences menu.

3.  Select a category to customize its notifications settings. Here, we have selected Lessons category to customize the notification preferences for Email, Mobile and Web.

4. Turn on the toggle to enable the E-mail notification preference for any preference of your choice you’d like to receive the notifications for. In this case an email will be sent to you when all learners of a classroom have completed reading a lesson.

5. The preference will be enabled instantly and you will receive an email notification when all learners have completed reading a lesson.

6. Tap on the toggle again to turn off the notification preferences.

7. Similarly, tap the Mobile tab and enable the notification preferences to receive push notifications on mobile device.

8. Tap the Web tab and enable the notification preferences to receive the bulletin board notifications in web browser.

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