Calendar Sync

By importing a snapshot of your Teamie calendar into iOS device, you can see it alongside other calendars in the iOS device. To keep the calendar up-to-date, you may now sync the calendar events to your iOS device calendar.

Let's see how quickly you can enable calendar sync in Teamie app.

1. To sync your Teamie calendar with your iOS device calendar, head to the Settings section on the MORE screen and then select the Calendar Sync option.

2. On the Calendar Sync screen, tap the Enable Sync toggle.

3. Tap Continue to enable the calendar sync.

4. Grant the Teamie app access to your device’s calendar. The sync will be done in a jiffy, and you would be able to see the synced status.

5. Tap Alert setting to see more alert options and create an alert on how often you get notified about the upcoming events.

6. On the Alert setting screen, select an alert option of your choice. Here, we have selected the alert option as send an alert "At time of event" itself.

7. The alert will be created shortly.

8. Repeat this step to change the alert setting and select an another alert option from the given choices.

Take note that all the synced Teamie events will also get removed from your device’s calendar in case you logout of the Teamie  app.

9. You can toggle the Enable Sync option to disable the sync at any time and all your synced events will be removed from your device’s calendar.

10. Tap Stop to proceed. Else tap Cancel to abort the disable calendar sync.

11. The calendar sync will be stopped immediately.

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