Accessing Classroom's About page

The Classroom's About screen shows the description, staff details (instructors and administrators associated with the classroom), user's classroom role(s), and the associated meta field information, if any. Let's see how you can view a classrooms' information.

1. Tap a Classroom Title directly from the Newsfeed screen to access its Posts (or Materials).

Depending on the site configuration, you may either be redirected to Posts or Materials tab of the classroom. In this case, student has been redirected to Posts tab.

2. You may also go to the Classrooms listing screen by tapping Classrooms on the bottom navigation bar and then access the required Classroom from either Starred or Classrooms category.

Note - Starred classroom category will not show up any classrooms if you have not starred any classroom.

3. Switch to Classrooms tab to see all the classrooms you are part of and then select a classroom of your choice.

4. Once you are inside a classroom (will see either the Posts or Materials tab as per your site configuration), tap More menu.

5. Tap About tab from the available options.

6. You will see the following information on the classroom's About screen:

  • Description
  • Enrol Type
  • Role
  • Classroom/Module creation date
  • Staff details along with role

7. You may visit the user's profile page or send a message to the instructor from the Staff tab.

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