Filter materials

This tutorial explains how to filter resources/materials in a classroom/group/module.

1. Tap the Classroom directly from the Newsfeed screen to access its posts and materials.

2. You may also go to the Classrooms listing screen by tapping Classrooms on the bottom navigation bar.

3. Access the required Classroom from either Starred or Classrooms category.

Note - Starred classroom category will not show up any classrooms if you have not starred any classroom.

4. Tap on Materials tab to view the classroom's materials (lessons and assessments).

5.  You will see all the published materials on the materials screen.

By default, lessons and assessments are clubbed together and shown on the materials listing screen.

6. Tap All Lessons to view only lessons across all sections in a classroom.

7. Similarly, tap All Assessments to view only assessments across all sections in a classroom.

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