Unable to join Zoom meetings

The solutions mentioned in this tutorial are applicable for the LTI approach using which the Zoom has been integrated with Teamie, that means that the client has to ensure that the users email in Teamie and Zoom are same.


You click on the "Join" button to join a Zoom meeting in your classroom/module and see the "Unauthorized. Sorry, your session was expired. Please refresh the page or login again" warning screen where you normally see the Zoom meeting popup that lets you join the meeting.

In this integration, the Teamie and Zoom websites need to be able to  connect to each other. Certain adblocks and other privacy extensions may prevent this behavior.


You may overcome the above issues by doing the following:

  • Turnoff/Disable ad blockers you may have installed on your browser, or pause adblock from running on Teamie.
  • Disable the adblock or any other extension installed on your browser one by one to figure out the extension that is not allowing Zoom app to launch successfully.
  • Update your browser to the latest version.

You may also try the following steps in the given order, in case the above solutions does not solve the issue:

  1. Open another browser (such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge) which does not have any ad blocker or extensions.
  2. First, login to Zoom application.
  3. Open another tab and login to Teamie using the same email you have used to login into Zoom.
  4. Once you have logged into Teamie, access a classroom and go to Zoom tab where you will see the list of upcoming meetings. Click "Join" button to join a meeting and the zoom app should be launched successfully that will let you join the meeting.
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