Image resolutions for uploading on Teamie

Please find below the recommended resolution for images for the features where a user is allowed to upload images on Teamie:

  • Classroom cover image: 900 * 180 pixels (5:1)
  • Classroom thumbnail: 80 * 80 pixels (1:1)
  • Profile picture: 128 * 128 pixels (1:1)
  • Profile cover image: 900 * 180 pixels (5:1)
  • Lesson cover image: 900 * 180 pixels (5:1)
  • Team image: 80 * 80 pixels (1:1)
  • Story cover image: 900 * 180 pixels (5:1)

When you upload images at the aforementioned places, you will be able to use the in-built cropper which will allow you to crop the image to the necessary size. You will also be able to preview the cropped image before setting it as the final image. For instance, the following screenshots show how you can upload a classroom cover image, crop it, preview the final image and set it as the classroom cover image.

Similarly, you can upload images at the following places:

Classroom thumbnail

Profile picture

Profile cover image

Lesson cover image

Team image

Story cover image

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