Multi-language Support at User Level

In an endeavor to assist learning at a global level, we have multi-language support for Teamie interface at the user level. With this enhancement, you will have the option to translate our web platform interface to other languages.

This article will guide you on:

Translating your Teamie site to other languages

1. If this feature is enabled on the site, you can change the language from your Edit Profile page. Click you profile picture and select Edit Profile.

In case you wish to know more about this feature or enable it on your site, kindly contact your Teamie account manager!

You can also go to your Edit Profile page from the left side bar or from your profile page.

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2. Then, select the required language under the Language Settings. In the following scenario, we are translating the site's language to Chinese, Simplified.

The list of available languages can differ for different sites.

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3. Then, click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

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4. Once the changes are saved, the homepage will refresh and the changes will be reflected.

This is an user-level setting and the changes will only reflect for you and not any other user.

In case your browser's language preference is different from the language that is set on Teamie, then it will be auto-detected and you will get a prompt to enquire if you wish to change the language on the Teamie interface to the same. You can click Yes, Proceed to go to your Edit Profile page and change the language to translate the site to that language.

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