Troubleshooting Guide - Google Document Issues

This article guides users on how to troubleshoot the following Google document issues:

  • Google document coming up empty
  • The browser tab freezing while opening Google documents
  • Google make a copy feature not working
  • Google file picker not working

1. In case you are facing any of the aforementioned issues on Teamie, kindly check the following:

2. If you have  followed the aforementioned steps and the issue(s) persist, then kindly execute the following steps and then try to access the Google document again:

  1. Logout of Google
  2. Logout of Teamie
  3. Login to Teamie, which will prompt you to enter your Google login details

In case users see a message from Google that they do not have access to the required document, kindly write to us.

In case you use multiple Google accounts, we advise you to create multiple profiles on Google Chrome to keep your things (such as work and personal) separate. Please see this following help article for more information on creating multiple profiles on chrome.

3. In case you are using the Safari browser, you need to update your Safari browser to the latest version and disable the Prevent cross-site tracking option from its Preferences... settings to view the Google documents embedded on Teamie.


This also applies to the Safari browser on iOS & iPadOS:

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