Teamie - Zoom Integration (LTI)

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Teamie - Zoom Integration Setup Requirements

You would need do the following for the initial setup of Zoom on Teamie:

  1. Purchase Zoom licenses for Zoom Conferencing.
  2. Then, install LTI Pro extension and pass LTI details to Teamie.
  3. You would also need to purchase Zoom host licenses for all teachers who will be using the integration in their classrooms on Teamie.
  4. Teachers account will need to be added to the Zoom account for them to use the Teamie - Zoom integration.
Enabling Zoom Integrating at Classroom Level

1. Click the ellipsis on the classroom cover image and then select Enable Zoom.

2. Once Zoom is successfully enabled in the classroom, you will get a confirmation message and the page will reload.

3. After the page reloads, you will be able to view the Zoom tab.

Please note the Zoom Meetings will not appear on the Teamie Calendar, but only appear in the Zoom tab in the classrooms, where Zoom integration has been enabled.

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