Session Calendar (Instructors)

Session calendar helps bring offline workshops and classroom based training/sessions on Teamie. As an instructor, you can view the list of users who have registered to the sessions created for your classroom / module. You can export the list of registered members. Let's see how you can do this.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing Sessions tab of a Classroom

1. On the homepage, click the required classroom card.

2. Click the Sessions tab.

3. You will be able to see the list of all the upcoming sessions (sessions which are open for registration) by default in the Upcoming tab.

4. Click the Completed tab to view the the sessions which are now closed for registration.

Viewing Registered Members for a Session

2. You can quickly view from the session's card the number of users that have registered out of the total number of participants allowed for registration.

3. Click the View Registered Members link.

You can view the registered members list for both upcoming and completed sessions.

4. List of learners who have registered for the session will be shown.

If no one has registered to a session, then the View Registred Members link will be disabled.

Exporting Registered Members for a Session

2. Click Export.

You can export the registered members list for both upcoming and completed sessions.

3. The list of registered members will be downloaded in an excel format. Click to open the exported sheet.

4. The export sheet will include the following information for the session and the members who had registered to it:

  • Session start time
  • Session end time
  • Classroom
  • Exported on date and time
  • Timezone
  • Name and primary identifiers (username and email) of the registered members
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