Gradebook (Learners)

Gradebook give learners a way to track and view scores, grades and feedback from all assessments in a particular classroom. Instructors can decide when and how students see the score/grade or choose to hide the score/grades entirely. The Gradebook also show grades for learners based on a grading scheme set by the instructor for the entire classroom. The summative assessments will contribute to calculate the final scores and grades.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing a Classroom's Gradebook

1. Hover over the required classroom and click Gradebook.

2. The Gradebook page will open and you will be able to view the grades received in your assessments. You can also view scoring details and your instructors feedback / comments.

View your Performance

2. You will be able to view the scores for all the assessments (assignments, online quizzes and offline test), whose scores are published by your instructor, in the form of a graph.

3. Hover over an assessment to view your score in percentage for that assessment.

View Insights

2. Click View Insights.

3. The insights screen opens with two charts.

4. The first chart shows a comparison of percentage scores across assessments in the classroom (module) with the help of color codes. It's a good way for you to compare your performance in different assessments.

You can also compare yourself to the average, which is marked as a black line. Assessments for which you have not made any submissions will not appear in the graph.

5. The second chart shows the percentile of the learner across all assessments in the classroom. Assessments for which the learner has not made any submission or for which scores are not available will not appear in the graph.

Please read this article on "Percentile" for more information on what is percentile.

View Classroom's Final Score & Grade

2. You can view your Final Score and Final Grade for the classroom once the instructor publishes them in your gradebook.

Filtering a Classroom's Gradebook

You can filter the classroom gradebook with the help of the following filters:

2. You will be able to view all the published assessments along with your attempts and published scores, if any.

3. You can quickly filter the required assessments by using the following filters:

View Classrooms By

1. By default, the assessments are shown on the gradebook based on the sections in which they are ordered on the Materials page of the classroom. Click the View Classrooms By drop-down and select Grading Component to view the assessment(s) which are mapped with a grading component.


1. By default, all types of assessments (quiz, assignment and offline test) will be shown on the gradebook page of a classroom. Click the Type drop-down and select the required type of assessment to filter them out. For example, in the following screenshot, we are filtering all the assignments in the classroom gradebook.

Summative / Formative

1. By default, both summative and formative assessments are shown on the gradebook. Click the Summative / Formative  drop-down and select the required filter to filter summative / formative assessment. In the following example, we are filtering all the summative assessments.

It is  possible to have a summative assessment considered for evaluation, but with a weightage of 0%.

Personalised only

1. By default, all the assessments (normal assessment and personalised assessment) will be shown on the gradebook. You can filter the gradebook to see only the personalised assessment(s) by checking the Personalised only filter. This will help you quickly sort the assessments that have been shared either with you individually or in team(s) that you are part of.

Student Projects are also considered as personalised assessments similar to any other assessment that is shared with a specific team or learner.

Viewing Attempts and Scores

2. Any assignment/quiz in which you have made a submission will have the View attempt button. Click it to view your submission in a new tab.

3. In case of an offline test, you will see the View record button. Click it to view any evidence and / or feedback added by your instructor for that offline test.

An offline test is a type of assessment that learner takes offline and whose score is recorded on Teamie by their instructors.

4. In case your scores are not published by your instructor, then you will see a Pending Review label for that assignment / quiz.

5. In case your scores are published, you will be able to view them.

6. If any rubric is attached to an assessment, you will see a rubric icon infront of it. Click the rubric icon to open the rubric and see its criteria and scales. Also, if your instructor has graded the assessment using the rubric, then you will be able to view the scale selected for each criterion.

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