Navigating your Classrooms (Students)

Once you have logged in to Teamie Primo, you will see that the landing page (also called home page) is divided into two sections, the first section shows the list of classrooms that you are a member of, whereas the second section shows the list of ToDos and All Events from all your classrooms.

This article will guide you on:

Viewing list of all your classrooms

1. Log in to Teamie Primo.

2. You will see all the classrooms that you are part of, on the landing (home) page. If you are a teacher and have logged in as a learner, you will be shown the learner's home page with the list of all the classrooms that the learner is part of.

Accessing your classroom's newsfeed

1. On the homepage, tap the required classroom card to view to its newsfeed.

2. You will be able to view all the posts shared in the classroom on its newsfeed and filter it using the available filters. You can also keep track of your ToDos from this screen.

Switching between Classrooms

1. When you are on a classroom's newsfeed, you can quickly navigate/switch to another classroom's newsfeed. Tap the down arrow in front of your current classroom's name. Then, select the required classroom to switch directly to that classroom's newsfeed.

2. When you are inside any classroom, you can also tap HOME, at the top left corner of the screen, to navigate to the home page and then tap any classroom card to access its newsfeed.

3. If a post is shared as an announcement or homework, there will be an icon at the the top-right of the post to indicate it. In case, a post is pinned, then a pin icon will be shown for it.

Homework/task posts will have deadline attached to them and learners can mark them as done within Primo itself.

Viewing comments and comment replies on a post

Each post shared on the newsfeed will show its content along with any attachments added to it. You can also view any comments made on the posts along with any replies made on those comments.

Note: Currently, the comments and comment replies on a post cannot be made from Primo app.

1. You will be able to view the comments at the bottom of a post. The most recent two comments will be visible for a post. If more than two comments are made on a post, then you will be able to view them by tapping +n more comments (where 'n' is the number of comments in addition to the latest two comments).

If the latest two comments have any replies or attachments, then corresponding symbols will be used to indicate them and they can be viewed on the Comments/Replies screen.

2. Tapping +n more comments will open the Comments screen where all the comments made on the post will be shown.

3. If any comment have replies, then they will also be shown on this screen below the respective comments.

Any link attached to a comment will also be shown on the Comment screen.

4. Tap on the replies to view all the replies on the Replies screen.

Viewing attachments of a post

You can view the following attachments added to a post in Primo:

  • File attachment
  • Image attachment
  • Video attachment
  • Link attachment
  • Audio attachment

1. Images and video attachments added to a post will be shown in the form of a gallery with up to 4 attachments shown in a grid view layout, with the 4th having an overlay of + n more if there are more image/video attachments.

Tapping on any of the thumbnails will open that image/video in a fullscreen view.

2. You can swipe left/right to navigate between items in the gallery.

3. Video attachments' thumbnails will have a video icon differentiating it from images. Tapping on it will open that video in a fullscreen view.

4. Tap on the play icon in the full screen view to play the video.  You can also use the video scrubber to dynamically seek to any time position within the currently playing video.

5. Any links that are attached to a post will be shown in a detailed view with their thumbnail, title, description and domain of the URL. Tap on the URL to open the link in your iPad's browser.

6. Tap Close to close the browser and return to Primo.

7. Audio attachments will be shown inline (within the post body), with the time duration of the audio visible on the right. You can tap the play icon to play it inline with a progress bar that  you can seek, if required.

Taking a poll

1. On the classroom newsfeed, access a question post created with poll options that you wish to take.

Currently, you cannot create poll from Primo.

2. You can easily figure out by looking at the label provided (Single Choice or Multiple Choice) right above the poll options whether you are allowed to vote for single or multiple options.

3. Tap the poll option(s) that you wish to vote for.

4. Tap the Tick mark icon to submit your poll.

5. Tapping on tick mark starts the poll submission process.

6. A success message will appear confirming that the poll is submitted successfully. The poll option(s) you have voted for will be highlighted in coloured background.

Once you have voted on a poll, you cannot vote again on the same poll.

Liking/Unliking a post

You can like posts shared in your classrooms to show appreciation to others' work or if you find it useful for yourself.

1. Tap the smiley icon for any post to like the post.

2. Once liked, the smile icon's color will change to primary color of your site. The icon will also have the total like count adjacent to it.

3. Tap the smiley icon again on the post that you have already liked to unlike it.

Marking homework posts as Done

Click here to learn about marking homework posts as Done.

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