Teamie - Zoom Integration (Calendar Events)

Using the Teamie - Zoom integration in calendar events, instructors can link online Zoom meetings to events created directly in their Teamie classrooms/modules. These meetings can then be joined by the members of the classroom through Teamie.

This article will guide you on:

Teamie - Zoom Integration (Calendar Events) Site Setup Configuration

Following are settings that can be configured at our end during the integration:

1. Zoom Copy Recording in Teamie: When enabled, Teamie copies the zoom recording when it is available after the meeting is over.

2. Available files that can be saved on Teamie (At least one of them needs to be selected. Timeline file will be saved irrespectively):

  • Active Speaker
  • Shared Screen
  • Shared Screen with Speaker View
  • Audio only
  • Chat

3. The available Zoom meeting default settings that can be enabled are as follows:

  • Start video when the host joins the meeting
  • Start video when participants joins the meeting
  • Allow participants to join the meeting before the host starts the meeting. Only used for scheduled or recurring meetings.
  • Mute participants upon entry.
  • Add watermark when viewing a shared screen.

4. Automatic recording settings:

  • Record on local
  • Record on cloud
  • Disabled

5. Allow alternative hosts: When this settings is enabled, other teachers in the classroom will be added as alternative hosts, if they have valid zoom accounts.

6. Enable waiting room

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