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Troubleshooting "Your system time is set incorrectly" message

1. You might have encountered a warning message while working on Dash, "Your system time is set incorrectly. Please correct it.This is the expected time <HH:MM:SS, DD/MM/YYYY>".

2. This message is displayed when your system time is different from the actual time at your location. For instance, in the following screenshot, the system time of the user is 04:43 PM (or 16:43:00). Whereas, the actual time at the location is 09:43:45.

3. You can click the x to hide this message for the mean time, but it will pop-up after an hour again to remind you about the time discrepancy.

4. We strongly advise you to sync your system time to the actual time at your location, either manually or automatically. The reason behind this is that some Teamie resources, such as online quizzes, can have the 'Publish On' and 'Deadline' date and time. The time difference between your system and the real time can cause issues in such scenarios.

Checking your local time

A valuable tip to quickly check your local time is as follows:

1. Open you browser and go to

Note: You can execute this search in other search engines similarly.

2. Type local time in the search bar and hit enter.

3. The search result will highlight the local time at your location. You should set this time as your system time.

Changing your system's date and time

Refer to the following link to learn how to change date and time of your system for some of the common operating systems:

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