Accessing your Programs

A Program is a collection of modules (classrooms) on Teamie that acts as a grouping container for modules that you are part of.

Viewing your Programs

1. On your homepage dashboard, click the Modules Completed card.

2. Here, you will be shown all your modules listed under their respective programs. Each module card will have the completion status (In progress, Not started, Completed) indicated on it, with a color surrounding the thumbnail. The list of module inside a program will be in alphabetical order.

Modules that are not part of a program will appear in a separate No Program category.

3. Each of the program can be collapsed. Once collapsed, you will be able to view the progress of the program.

  • The list of modules inside a program will be in alphabetical order.
  • The system will remember your collapsed programs, and if you come back to the page you will only see the programs that you had left open previously.
Filtering modules based on their completion status

1. You can filter the modules based on their completion status:

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Not started
  • Not successfully completed

2. Click the required status to filter the modules. The filtered modules will be shown in the respective modules.

3. You can use the filter in combination to view the results for more than once status at once.

Accessing modules from a Program

2. Then, click the required module to access it.

Viewing your Learning Summary

The learning summary view shows the list of all the modules that you are part of, including the archived modules categorised under the corresponding programs along with their completion status. You can filter modules by their status (module completion status and module active status) as well as any other fields, such as, delivery mode, nature type, completion date etc.

You can also download the module completion certificate from the Summary page.

1. Click the Modules Completed card.

2. Click View Learning Summary to access your Summary page.

3. The module will be shown categorised under their respective categories. A 'No Program' category will house all the modules that are not linked to any program.

4. You can also collapse any program category, if required.

Use the available filters to narrow down the list of modules as per your requirement.

Download module completion certificate

2. For the modules that have been completed by you (as per the set completion rules), you will be able to download the module completion certificate from the Summary page. Click the Download Certificate icon for the required module.

3. The module completion certificate will be downloaded in your system.

Viewing modules as per Programs in Module Catalogue

1. Click the Module Available card on your homepage dashboard.

2. Click the Program Name filter.

3. Tick the checkbox of the required program.

4. The module catalogue will be filtered to show the module linked to the selected program.

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