Checking your Child's Attendance from Teamie App

You can check your child's attendance as marked by their instructors for their classrooms' calendar events. Let's see how to do it.

Checking your Child's Attendance

1. Tap the child's card to access the ToDos screen.

2. Tap the Show All Events toggle to view all the events.

3. On each of the calendar event, you can view your child's attendance, that the instructor has marked, as per the available status on the site (PRESENT/ABSENT/TARDY). In case the attendance has not yet been marked by the instructor, then the NOT MARKED status will be shown for that calendar event.

The attendance statuses (PRESENT/ABSENT/TARDY) are whitelabelled and can vary from site to site. Furthermore, additional status can also be configured at the site level.

4. Tap View Full Calendar button at the bottom of the screen to view your child's attendance in full calendar view.

The full calendar view has the filter option using which you can filter it only by Events to view your child's attendance quickly.

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