Managing Learning Progression

Teamie supports lesson progression functionality, wherein the lessons are available in the order set by the instructor, although assessments (online quizzes and assignments) can be skipped by the learners. Learning progression would mean that learners would need to go through the online quizzes and assignments as well, in addition to the lessons, as per the order set by the instructor in order to move to the next available material.

Learning progression for a particular classroom will make sure that learners read / attempt all the materials in the order set by their instructors. Enabling this will ensure that learners complete the current material before accessing the next material. Therefore, assisting them in understanding the foundations before they move on to a higher level of concepts in that classroom. You can enable learning progression if you want to be strict about the order in which learners access your content.

Learning progression can be enabled similar to how lesson progression is enabled  from the settings on the Materials page of a classroom. Let's see how you can do it.


This article will guide you on:

Enabling learning progression in a classroom

As an instructor, you can enable learning progression in your classroom from the materials page of that classroom. Let's see how.

1. Click Materials of the classroom in which you wish to enable learning progression.

Note: You must have instructor role in that classroom.

2. On the Materials page, click the settings gear icon.

3. Tick Enable learning progression.

4. A confirmation message appears. Click Yes, enable to enable learning progression.

Please ensure the order of materials in this classroom is correct before proceeding.

5. Once enabled, you will be able to see an information text to indicate that the learning progression has been enabled for this classroom.

Disabling learning progression in a classroom

Follow the given steps to disable learning progression from a classroom in which learning progression is enabled. Take note once you disable learning progression for a classroom, all the learners will be able to read the materials of that classroom in order of their liking.

1. Click Materials of the classroom in which you wish to disable learning progression.

2. Click Disable learning progression.

3. A confirmation message appears. Click Disable anyway to disable learning progression in the classroom.

4. You will see a confirmation message and learning progression will be disabled for the selected classroom.

Learners view for learning progression

If learning progression is enabled for a classroom and a learner tries to access a material in that classroom without completely reading/taking the previous material, then he / she will be prompted to complete the previous material before accessing the next one. Let's understand this scenario with the help of the following example:

1. Following is a classroom (Effective Communication Skills) in which the instructor has enabled learning progression.

2. Now let's take a scenario in which a learner of this classroom, tries to access a quiz "Weekly Quiz #1 - Effective communication" without completing the previous material (in this case an assignment "Assignment - Effective Communication Skills").

3. Once the learner clicks on the quiz, a message will be shown, "You have to complete the previous materials before you can access this online-quiz".

The inaccessible material will also be greyed out on the Materials page. Learners can hover over the eye icon to view why the material in inaccessible to them similar to how they can see for the unavailable materials. Furthermore, the completed material will have a green tick in front of it.

4. If learning progression was not enabled, then the learner would be able to access the quiz "Weekly Quiz #1 - Effective communication" or any other available material in any order of their liking.

5. But as learning progression is enabled for the classroom, therefore learner will be able to access the quiz "Weekly Quiz #1 - Effective communication" only after he / she attempts the previous assignment "Assignment - Effective Communication Skills").


Q) From where can i enable learning progression for my classroom?

A) As an instructor, you can enable learning progression from your classroom's Materials page. For more information, read this.

Q) Why i am not seeing the Enable learning progression button?

A) If, as an instructor, you are not seeing the Enable learning progression button, then this might not be enabled on your site. Kindly contact you site administrator regarding this.

Q) Can a learner access the next material, if he has read some of the lesson pages, but not all lesson pages of the previous lesson?

A) No. If learning progression is enabled, then learner will be able to access the next material on the Materials page only after he / she reads the previous material(s) completely.

The learning progression feature will mandate learners to complete the current material before moving on to the next material, regardless of whether the materials are assessments (excluding offline tests) or lessons. Completeness is indicated by a green tick on the card/list view of the material under the following completion rules:

  • A lesson is considered completed when all lesson pages have been read.
  • An assessment (assignment/quiz) is considered completed when the learner has submitted at least one attempt for it.

Q) If learning progression is enabled for a classroom, then can a learner access lesson pages of accessible lesson in any order?

A) Yes. A learner can access lesson pages of a accessible lesson in any order even if the learning progression is enabled. Learning progression will only bar learners to access materials in a strict order, but they will be free to access the lessons pages of a lesson in any order.

Q) Are offline tests included in learning progression?

A) No, offline tests are not included as learners cannot take any action to complete them.

Q) Are draft assessments included in learning progression for a classroom?

A) No, only published materials are considered for the learning progression in a classroom.

Q) Are the materials, unavailable due to the deadline having passed, counted for the learning progression?

A) Yes, materials unavailable due to the deadline having passed are still counted for the learning progression. So, if the deadline of an incomplete material is passed, then learner would not be able to access the next material. As an instructor, you would have to look into this situation. You can  extend the deadline of the current incomplete material for the learner to complete it and move to the next material.

Q) If an instructor edits and make additions or changes to the materials that are already completed by a learner, will that affect the learning progression for that learner?

A) Yes. For instance, if a learner is in the middle of the 5th material after completing the first 4, the instructor can still perform actions which make this material inaccessible. In such cases, the learner will be forced to stop the current material and go back to complete the pending material(s) first. Following are such actions that an instructor can take:

  • Adding a published lesson page to one of the earlier lessons, making that lesson incomplete for the learner
  • Deleting the learner's attempt from an earlier assessment.
  • Creating a new material and position it before the completed materials or move an existing material that is after the completed materials to before the completed material on the Materials page.
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