Student Projects (Instructors)

Student Projects is a new assessment type targeted to allow learners to create assignments themselves and which are shared only with them. Learners can create a 'Student Project' in a classroom in which this feature is enabled. Then, as an instructor, you can view and edit the Student Project, if required, before publishing it for the learner to attempt. Once the learner submit the attempt, you can then grade it.

Accessing Student Projects

1. Hover over the classroom in which you wish to access 'Student Projects'.

2. On the Materials page, click the Student Projects tab.

3. You will be able to view any Student Project(s) created in the classroom along with the name of the learner who has created the Student Project.

Editing a Student Project

By default any Student Project created in the classroom will be in draft state until you publish them. Before publishing you can edit the Student Project as per your requirement. Once you publish a Student Project, the learner will ot be able to make any further changes to their Student Project and will only have the option to attempt it. Let's see how can you edit a Student Project.

1. Click to expand the required Student Project.

2. In the expanded view, you can edit the Student Project title, instructions, upload files, and set a required due date (after which the learner will not be able to attempt it).

3. Click to expand the Grading and Rubrics setting.

4. You can set the maximum score.

5. View the rubric added by the learner.

6. You can also remove / change the rubric added by the learner.

7. Tick Enable grading and then select the required grade scheme to add to the Student Project.

8. Change the Student Project type from 'Formative' to 'Summative'.

You cannot set any weightage for a Student Project.

9. Set the number of attempt available for learners to take the Student Project.

10. You can also choose to enable the Parent Visibility Toggle Setting.

Publishing a Student Project

Learner can only create a Student Project. As an instructor in the classroom, you need to publish the Student Project for learner to start attempting it. Once you have published the Student Project, the learner will not be able to edit it anymore and will only have the option to attempt the Student Project.

1. On the Student Projects tab, click the settings cog wheel and then select Publish.

2. You can also click Publish from the Student Project expanded view.

3. Once the Student Project is published, learner will be able to see the 'Start' button to attempt the Student Project.

Deleting a Learner's Attempt

1. On the Student Projects tab, click the View attempts button for the required Student Project.

2. Select the required attempt, in case multiple attempts are made for the Student Project.

3. Click the trash icon.

4. Click Yes, Delete to confirm the action.

Grading a Learner Attempt

1. On the Student Projects tab, click the View attempts button for the required Student Project.

Once the learner makes an attempt, you will get the notification from which also you can navigate to the learner attempt from your notification,

2. Select the required scales and grade the attached rubric, if any.

3. Enter the required score for the learner. In case, you have added a scoring rubric, the score will be auto-assigned based on the scales selected.

Learners cannot add scoring rubric to their Student Project.

4. Click Publish Score to make the scores available to the learner.

Learner will also get a notification once you publish the score.

5. If required, you can click Unpublish Score to unpublish the score of the attempt.

6. You can add feedback in the form of textual comments and audio recordings on an attempt.

7. By default, the feedback is available for the learner to see. Untick the checkbox to make the feedback / comments unavailable to the learners.

Submit an Attempt for Evaluation on Learners' Behalf

While learners are the ones that add file attachments to an attempt in their Student Projects and submit it, instructors are also given an option to submit on behalf of the learners. Let's see how you can submit an attempt for evaluation on learners' behalf.

1. Once the learner has made an attempt for the Student Project, click the View attempts button.

2. If more than one attempt is made by the learner, select the required attempt. By default, the latest submitted attempt will be shown.

3. Click Submit for evaluation.

4. Click Yes, submit to confirm.

5. The attempt will be submitted for evaluation on learner's behalf.

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